Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Previous Work

A Failed Artist

One of the First Documentary Projects
on Cardano.

Habeeb Kolawole

A Fundraiser to help a Nigerian Film-Maker achieve his dreams by allowing the Cardano Blockchain to break down his barriers and limitations he faces

Who Are We?

Jesse Luis

I'm a filmmaker from Hilo, Hawaii

For the past 6 years I've been honing my craft of storytelling through film.

​​I discovered crypto early 2021 and got more involved in the Cardano Ecosystem. I was inspired by Charles and the community to cooperate in ecosystem.

I realize there are filmmakers that are way better than me out there. To be honest I'm glad they are, they inspire me to become better. I believe the key to winning in life is helping others win and I hope to bring that mindset to the stories I tell.

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Steve Halama

I'm a filmmaker and artist

(Currently living abroad)


I have been spending most of my time learning about story-telling while intentionally trying to capture things in this world that inspire me.


My hope is to make things that make people ask questions and become aware of new ideas and new ways to approach a problem.

The hope of cryptocurrency I believe can truly change the world, we just have to change the story we are telling ourselves on crypto. I feel like why I am here on this planet currently is to tell positive stories on how blockchain technology can fix some of the greed aspects of this world that our forefathers messed up on.​

Fund 9 Catalist Proposal